Tammi Hartley

Who I Am

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my little tribe ... Imperfect Little Me... I chose the name of this page because my goal is to just be transparent and real with anyone who stumbles across this page! I am imperfect and I want other people to know they can be too! This page is a mix of all things me... Jesus, humor, counseling, encouragement, my family and my journey!

I have been a professional mental health worker for over 20 years. I bring an acute awareness of mental health issues that profoundly impact people I serve. As a professional Christian counselor, I bring a mix of knowledge, empathy, and encouragement.

What I Do

I am a Christian counselor and a life coach. My JOY is to encourage people in their journey, their lives, and their walk with God... no matter where you are at in any of these areas, I’ll meet you there, no perfection required!!

Too often we feel alone or like we are battling through something without a tribe. We see our flaws, choices, and pasts as stumbling blocks to deserving wholeness.

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