In Awe of You

We are tethered by His grace

I am already in awe of you and we have not even met……

I just finished a class on counseling and shepherding women and as I sit here and reflect on every story and possible encounter I may have in the counseling room, I can get overwhelmed by the women, and experiences, who will one day stroll through my door. I am already in awe of you and I just want you to know! You amaze me!

I am in awe of your strength

I am in awe of your perseverance

I am in awe of your march on through the dark

You will say you are not doing well, even failing, you will say that you think about giving up, you will look at me and ask for my help…I will not always know how to make you understand the strength I see in you. The only way I can help you know this is that I will lock arms with you and I will walk with you through the dark and treacherous journey. Unknowingly your strength will hold me up, while I work to hold you up and we will march the march you have been destined to march….and I will just remain next to you… in awe of you. 

I will pray for you

I will pray with you

I will encourage





And all the while...remain in awe

Women…you are amazing. You are resilient, strong, smart, Caring, Nurturing, Funny (you love to laugh) you are all of these things PLUS you have traveled though valleys I have not. You have walked paths that most could not imagine, you have belly-crawled through trenches that are unimaginable and yet…here you are…telling me you are not doing well and that you are thinking about giving up. I disagree, God disagrees, you are amazing, you are strong, and you are forging a new path. You are experiencing something that makes you an expert now on this very subject and you will be used for the glory of His kingdom. You are one of God’s children. I cannot know what that means exactly for your journey but I know one thing, I am on your side. I have not met you but you and your future self amazes me and inspires me.

And I know God’s plan for your life, sometimes makes no sense to us this side of heaven….. But it is that YOU have been chosen to carry this burden for him. You have been given the painful/stressful/scary keys to a life most may know nothing about and cannot imagine we’d ever have to endure. But here you are an expert on your burden, and so here I am in awe of you. You are unknowingly being poised to help the next one enduring a similar burden. You are tethered to Grace by Jesus, Hallelujah! The only One who can bring this much cohesiveness to a hurting world. 

Humbled by His plan,

imperfect little me