This is Me

Welcome to the imperfect little me page…. my name is Tammi. My husband's name is Chad and we have four beautiful and amazing girls…Emma, Abbey, Chloe and Claire. This year we will also add an amazing Son-In-Law, Dustin. We have one Texas ditch mutt named Cooper (we literally found him in a Texas country ditch), and a disabled cat, Flip…as his name suggests, he Flips everywhere!

I live a crazy imperfect little life that can be messy and hard but somehow also awesome and amazing and filled with serious love and adventure! My kids {who I am in AWE of} live imperfect lives. My husband is also imperfect…we are a mess…we struggle to be nice to each other and you guys, some days we struggle to keep being in love!

I know most of you can relate, I know most of us try to pretend like that isn’t the case! I do know we are not trying to fool each other, it’s just that we all really, really, really want those perfect lives. Happy, care-free, fussless, perfect happy lives! Dang! If my life was as good as I make it look on Facebook, well that would be just fantastic, but seriously…it just isn’t!

As a mom who has struggled with so many things in so many ways….most of which my family does not deserve….I have turned again and again to the Grace that is given to me by our heavenly Father and I rest there, because as heavenly of a mystery as it is…He lets me again and again, and man oh man is it better when I do!!

As a Christian Marriage and Family Counselor I know that this world gets so hard….so many awesome people struggle with so many things and because of our desire to keep that fussless front, we just walk forward alone and endure our own hurt and pain. I have watched amazing women keep it together despite so many things.

This page is dedicated to keeping it so very, very real….we are so many things…we are strong and happy and organized and on top of it and ……we are also weak and sad and out of control unorganized and most definitely some days somewhere near the bottom of it…. And then, Of course, everywhere in between!!
I hope this page becomes a useful tool for you as you find yourself stressing out or confused on how to proceed…I know that the Lord desires for you to be prosperous, hopeful and He wants the best for your future.

The feelings of inadequacy are not from GOD, they are not how He sees you and they are not how He wants you to see yourself. He is crazy in love with imperfect little me and He is crazy in love with imperfect little you! And that is how we will get through this together.

In Awe of His grace,
Imperfect little me