We were committed to getting marriage wrong....

But Jesus was committed to us getting it right....

I love my husband, I really, truly and totally do…. We have been married 17 years and this really, truly and totally type of love is a brand new concept in our marriage. Over the years we have moved in and out of love easily. A few great times, some good times, a ton of OK times and we are no stranger to hard times.

At those hard moments (ahem… years) in our marriage I always felt like he was letting me down. I expected him to do better, be better, and {stomping my feet} I wanted him to make me happy. See, both of us had flaws, and neither of us had time for flaws. We thought everyone else was getting it right and we were just really bad at marriage and just completely committed to getting it wrong.

My Oh My, we were so RIGHT!!! We were completely committed to getting it wrong. Truly and totally devoted to doing everything to work against our marriage. We saw other marriages as better. We saw each other as the problem. We resented each other’s successes and jumped on the blame bandwagon when each other was getting it wrong. We were caught up in a rhythm of each of us just making ourselves happy and thinking that should be enough. We were not cohesive and we just downright, for the most part, did not like each other. YUCK!

I refused to see the good in him simply because I knew he was not even trying to see the good in me….I was hanging with my good friend pride and together we were really winning. My prize was being right, and my trophy was loneliness and confusion. My impressive commitment to winning was damaging my life and was definitely setting a poor example for my four daughters.

So how did it even start to change? That sweet sneaky Jesus worked His way into our marriage through friends and circumstances and he relentlessly pursued us both…HE started doing a number on both of hearts and slowly and surly things began to change. He was FOR SURE more committed to our marriage then we were, and He was relentless about it. We both fought Him hard, and then He performed a miracle…..

We looked around and realized that every situation WE had gotten ourselves into, HE had found a way to get us out of. He had been raising our daughters, moved us across country, provided my husband with a job and me with school, and secured our living arrangement…He took care of it all, because while my husband and I were going through the motions of married life, I think we were just waiting for the other one to be brave enough to end it. God said NO WAY JOSE and He put us in a Jesus focused, gospel loving church. He provided friends and role models, who without knowing they were saying it, said enough is enough, you are married and you will commit to this marriage and you will make it.

Jesus is crazy like that, He knows what we need, moves us to the point of being open to it and delivers all of His promises, when we cannot even figure out how to put one foot in front of the other. OHHH… He KNOWS the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, BIG PLANS to give us hope and a future. That’s a promise you can count on…just claim it, tuck it in your heart and watch HIM work!!