When I used to be smart......

When I used to be smart….

One time a non-believing friend of mine caught me off guard and asked me this question, “even if Jesus parted the Red Sea, the bottom of the sea is so jagged, deep and steep people would not have been able to walk across it, so how do you explain that”? Because this friend presented the question to me out of the blue and with the intention of tripping me up……I choked!! Boo!  My answer (drum roll)..... “I don’t know.”

WHAT???? Yes I do know!!!

I want a do over! But guess what…I will never get one (lame)

I have always regretted that answer. It was my chance to say what I know is so true, and what I hold so dear to my heart….that He is the most Amazing, Wonderful, Crazy God of miracles and if He was parting the Red Sea, He could make the bottom smooth, rise the ground up and have Chic-Fil-A cater sandwiches!! If he wanted people across the sea, the people were getting across the sea!!

I have got to be honest…being a Christian is the most glorious and peaceful part of my life, I truly wish everyone could experience the peace I felt, and continue to feel, when I first believed. Simultaneously, sharing my amazing God can be the part of my faith I struggle with the most.

The struggle begins and ends with people who are just TOO SMART for all the non-sensical hocus pocus….

Sharing my faith with people who are “too smart” to believe in the “magician in the sky” is In-TIM-a-DATING!! These people are as intimidating to me as wearing a bathing suit in public…you have high hopes people will stand in awe but deep down inside you just know it isn’t going to end well! Oh Lawd-o-mercy PLEASE keep me covered!!

Let me be completely clear, my intimidation does not stem from their amazing brilliance and my feeble minds inability to compare or keep up with it. It also does not stem from their description of a magician in the sky leaving me stumped and wondering…is it all hocus pocus? How did I never think that parting the red sea seems like science fiction? Thanks smart person, thanks for pointing that out!!

This is Not it at all…Not even close.

My faith is solid….it does not bend and it does not waiver…He holds me up and He pushes me forward. He makes my life better and He gives me purpose. See, I used to be smart too, because…..

Smart people know they have control over their life and no one provides for them. Yep, that was me!

Smart people know that because they cannot see it or touch, it does not exist. Yep, Ridiculous!

Smart people cannot reason a supernatural, it makes no sense. Yep, no sense at all!

Smart people look at the stories of the bible and sight the absurdity of the whole thing. Yep, I mean…come on!

I was smart, until I was broken, then I got gloriously, wonderfully, amazingly stupid……

Stupid people think they cannot possibly do it on their own. Nope! I tried for 40 years, this is way better.

Stupid people cling to this hope that there is more. Yep! So much more!

Stupid people cannot reason a life without God, it makes no sense. Nope! A step of faith is all it takes!

Stupid people look at the brave men and women in the bible and see role models and heroes. Yep! They laid the ground work for sure.

Stupid feels good, stupid feels right…..

So my struggle is not that we are equally right and that through heavy banter one of us will win the debate, my struggle is with the profoundness of the moment I am in. It is based on my personal and profound knowledge of the impact my one teeny tiny small step forward in understanding Jesus’s role in my life meant to the renewal of my mind and the improvement in my life. It is cemented in the fact that my daily walk strengthens it and renews my faith.

My struggle is to explain profoundly that my faith begins and ends with love, not judgement. Jesus hung out with sinners, I happen to be a big ol’ sinner, and He loves me so much and I so desperately want that for my smart friends.

My struggle is with the weight of eternal life and my role in it at the exact moment as I begin to talk with a smart person about eternity.

My struggle is the love in my heart for the person I am talking to and the desire I have for them to spend eternity in heaven with me.

My struggle is the brevity of life and the weight that can be lifted off of the shoulders and to give this smart person, who I love, rest.

I do not think I am alone in this struggle to share. I think it is because we feel we have to share the whole gospel and get it perfectly right. We feel that weight on our shoulders and we know this may be the only chance.

 I think we all need to take a collective deep breath. 

All we truly have to do is share our tiny little story and God will do the rest.  It is important to remember that there are three steps to harvest… planting, watering, and harvesting…you never know which job you will get! But God knows, and He will use a willing soldier.

Philemon 1:6 says “and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.” Simply be willing to share your tiny little story which is full of every good thing……and just watch…..God will use your story in some amazing way, to lead someone straight to Him!