Log Cabin Living is the life for me.....

Every Amish person I get in my car has the dream of cabin living…they dream of wildlife, nature, solitude and simple living…fishing, hunting, campfires and hammocks. They dream of being out in the country with no pressures and zero interruptions. Time with their Spouses and kids and God, slowing life down to a point where no moment is lost and memories are made every day.

The crazy part to me is as they describe this life style I am thinking aren't you already living that life? But as I get to know them better and better they are not that much different then any other group of people. Yes, they go without a lot of modern conveniences but they still busy up their days and hurry up their lives. Business goes on and bills need to be paid. Chores need to be done and obligations loom. 

As I listen to my Amish friends the more I understand about my own desire to live out this dream, Log Cabin living is a lifestyle. Its a commitment to the simple life and relaxation, lemonade and rocking chairs, campfires and nature hikes, rope swings and catching fireflies…its how we get back to our youth and how we bottle it up and pass it forward to a world of young people who only know the crazy busy and non-stop hustle. 

Log Cabin living may not be for everyone….not everyone will enjoy that much fresh air in their lungs or that much beauty in their eyes or that much cricket chirping in their ears….unplugging, disconnecting and enjoying solitude must be things that sound nice. But for me and my Amish friends…we are convinced a Log Cabin + A quiet place = HEAVEN!!