That time I went white water rafting with 9 Amish ladies and my 13 year old…….

That time I went white water rafting with 9 Amish ladies and my 13 year old…….

One summer I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to take an epic adventure with 9 Amish ladies (ages 22-25) and my 13 year old daughter Chloe….EPIC does not even scratch the surface of this crazy, wonderful, once in a lifetime adventure. We all crammed ourselves, and all the luggage we would need to be gone for 15 full days of east coast road tripping mayhem, into a 15 passenger van, and kissed our families goodbye….

These girls decided early on that if they were taking this trip, they were going to do it right and anything and everything they had in a dream journal or on a bucket list…we were doing it. These gals were into conquering fears and creating memories!


First order of business was White Water Rafting down the New River near Summersville, West Virginia. Keep in mind not a single one of them can swim….but they all decided that they would not forgive themselves if they chickened out and skipped it.

We boarded the bus that takes you up the mountain to the drop off spot, and as the guides went over the 99 ways you can die while white water rafting, the weight of what I was doing hit me. It was me, my 13 year old daughter and 9 young women who cannot swim, {who I promised their parents I would bring back alive}…and we were about to test fate!! Our guides, upon learning that the ladies couldn’t swim, looked MUCH more nervous then I was ok with. Like a flight attendant freaking out during turbulence....these guides were not easing my fears!

I’m not really sure why they design the drop off trip up the mountain to remind you that death is an absolute option while white water rafting, but it definitely took the buzz out of the ride. I mean legal blah blah blah…but seriously….

When we got to the top they split us into two groups. Me and Chloe, the strong swimmers in the group, in the front of one raft (wait!!! me and Chloe are the strong swimmers???) with six of the ladies. Then the other three ladies in a different raft with other guests. We said our goodbyes, parted ways…and hopped in our death rafts.

Our guide told us the first rapids would be a level four, some of the hardest on the whole journey. We practiced commands and leaning techniques, we talked about teamwork and the importance of communicating…next thing you know, we were on our way. {GULP}….Less then one minute into that level four monstrosity and we had conquered it! HALLELUJAH!!! we were soon experiencing the sweet high of escaping death!!

From then on the trip down that river was exhilarating and AWESOME. The ladies had a confidence and excitement that could not be matched. The best part, my sweet 13 year old got a front row seat to the whole thing. Not only did she own those rapids and help me steer in the front, she watched 9 women say “NOT TODAY INSECURITIES AND FEAR, STEP OFF….I GOT THIS!!!” 

That night as we all sat around reminiscing about the crazy events of the day….conquering death, hilarious stories of people falling off the rafts and the fact that the other rafts tour guide was one of the best looking human beings on the planet…..the question came up more then once…..When will we do that again???


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