Paying it forward takes action...yikes

I am so in awe of my fellow humans sometimes, you guys, people, are seriously amazing…..I was reminded about a time last year that the sweetest twenty-something guy paid for me and my youngest daughters sandwiches at Subway (Thank you Facebook Memories…what would a forty-something, slightly forgetfull, crazy mom do without ya?) I was just reminded about how overwhelmed I was that he not only thought about making our day and paying for us, he ACTED on his thought!! 


Turns out I am a walking anomaly …I would love, love, LOVE to pay for your drink, sandwich or McDonalds order…but I am just too chicken! Every time I think about paying it forward, I get hot, nervous and start shallow breathing….then I play the whole scenario out in my head. This pretend high drama script usually ends with me fleeing the scene….I really really want to pay for you guys, my intentions are great, its my actions that lack follow through! So I am seriously curious…what amazing quality do the people who follow through posses? Guts? Hutzpah? Moxy?


I mean we all know it is better to give then to receive, and most of us truly enjoy giving way more then getting. Acts of service people will even tell you giving the perfect gift outweighs getting the perfect gift by a mile! 


Research shows that giving to others lights up the pleasure center of our brain….So what holds me back from lighting up my life…??


Insecurity is the stinking little culprit methinks…What if they think I am invading their privacy, infringing on personal space? Being presumptuous? 


Does anyone have the answer to this? Please comment if you do!

Or tell me of a time you paid it forward and it went awesome!!