People ask me all the time, “how do you as a counselor, not get depressed hearing all the bad stuff all day long?” And honestly there are two answers to that….#1. Some days are a little trickier then others, but BY FAR the correct answer is… #2. My clients motivate me way more then they heap sadness onto my shoulders. 

They motivate me because they all have one thing in common….Resilience. Resilience that says I don’t know how I will keep going from this point on, but I will not give up. Resilience that says I am so done with all of that, whatever “that” is, and here is the line I’ve drawn in the sand. Resilience that says my forward steps may be slow, and although I’d like them to be quicker, I am committed to this wonderful forward progress.  Resilience that does not come from life being super easy but, a life that at times has been really tough and sometimes down right impossible. This unwavering knowledge that what they are faced with does not own them and even though the journey may be tough, they are tougher. An unwavering belief that healing is within their reach. 

*It is motivating to see a marriage to the brink of disaster and see two people fight their way back. 

*It is motivating to see someone lose a loved one and decide that they still have a very important, very valuable life to live, and they put one foot in front of another to go on. 

*It is motivating to see someone battling depression, who despite the gray knows without a shadow of a doubt that the sun has to be out there somewhere and they will stop at nothing to go find it. 

*It is motivating to see someone deal with daily anxiety and decide that while they can’t will it away, they can fight hard to make changes that help them overcome fear and panic. 

Not everyday is a forward day, some days are tougher then others….but one thing is for sure, warriors walk through my door, fighters walk through my door, motivators walk through my door…and I am privileged to walk with them.